Volume 31

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Editors Note

“‘The supreme comfort of your presence’- The Letters of John Foster to Thomas Carlyle, Part I”

“William Fox Talbot and Thomas Carlyle- Connections”

“Microcosm, Macrocosm- Barbara Hardy, Wyndham Lewis, Mrs. Gaskell, and Nineteenth-Century Narrative”

“Carlyle, Burke, and Biography- Biographer-Worship and the Biographical in History”

“Jane Welsh Carlyle’s Social Network and the Lexical Construction of ‘Home'”

“‘The best club of all’- Thomas Carlyle at the Athenaeum, 1853-1872”

“The London Library and the Intelligentsia of Victorian London”

“The Reunification of the Gladstone Papers in London and Hawarden”

“Gladstone’s Notebook”

“A Burning Question Answered”

“Carlyle and Admiral Nesham”

“The Last Will and Testament of Stauros Dilberoglue”

“A Rather Dodgy Scheme- William Allingham’s Pension, 1865”

“Carlyleana at Auction”

“Nero Comes to Agrippina”

“‘His humanity and cordiality as a tutor’- Rembering C.S. Lewis”

“The Collected Letters of Thomas and Jane Welsh Carlyle”

“The Cambridge Companion to John Ruskin”