Volume 30

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Editors Note

“Friedrich der Grosse- An Introduction”

“Friedrich der Grosse- An Opera”

“Carlyle’s Unpublished ‘French Republic'”

“Mr. Wilson’s Victoria”

“A ‘cup of tea’ as our friends across the Channel say”- Marcel Proust Reads Carlyle intime

“Carlyle’s Frederick the Great and the ‘sham-kings’ of the American South”

“Scott, the Carlyles, and Border Minstrelsy”

“Jane Welsh Carlyle- A Review of Recent Research, 2004-2013

“‘The ugliest stroke that I ever got’- An Unpublished Account of the Burning of the French Revolution Manuscript

“A Newly Discovered Carlyle Letter Donated to the David M. Rubenstein Library at Duke University”

“Finding Cassandra- Alfred Lyttelton’s Encounter with Carlyle, 21 July 1878”

“The Kindness of Librarians”

“Boundless Life- A Biography of Andrew Joseph Armstrong”

“John Kemble’s Gibaltar Journal- The Spanish Expedition of the Cambridge Apostles”

“‘Thomas Carlyle and the Totalitarian Temptation,’ Studies in the Literary Imagination 45.1”

“The Collected Letters of Thomas and Jane Welsh Carlyle”