Volume 28

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Editors Note

“Influence” in the Contemporary Study of the Humanities- The Problem of Ruskin

“‘What is Value?’- Victorian Economies of Feeling”

“Norman Hampson’s Carlyle”

“Postscript- ‘Some kind of universal agnosticism’- A Letter from Norman Hampson to David R. Sorensen on Carlyle’s French Revolution”

“Keeping It in the Family- Alexander Carlyle, James Barrett, and the Fight for Carlyle’s Reputation”

“‘Carlyle Clearing His Throat’- The Manuscript Fragments of the Isaac W. Dyer Collection, Bowdoin College”

“The Bowdoin Carlyle Fragments”

“Carlyle ‘versus the Devil and All men’- The Ironic Rhetorical Success of Carlyle’s Reminiscences

“‘Who are your heroes?’ Thomas Carlyle and Louisa May Alcott”

“‘Freedom to point out the way’- James Fitzjames Stephen’s Essay on Carlyle in Fraser’s Magazine, December 1865”

Mr. Carlyle

“Carlyle Letters in the Montague Collection, New York Public Library”

“The Collected Letters of Thomas and Jane Welsh Carlyle”

“Lars Spuybroek’s The Sympathy of Things”

“John Ruskin’s Praeterita”