Volume 27

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Editors Note

The Letters of Harriet, Lady Ashburton, to Thomas Carlyle

The Correspondence of Isaac W. Dyer and the Froude-Carlyle Controversy

The Cock that Crowed and Crowed and Crowed- Thomas Carlyle and J. M. Barrie

Thomas Carlyle’s Laystall and Charles Dickens’s Paper-Mill

Carlyle Versus Macaulay?— A Study in History

On Reading Frederick the Great

Carlyle and Byron- Anxiety, Influence, and the Choice of Inheritance

John Ruskin and the Choral Master John Pyke Hullah

John Ruskin and the Younger Critic Harry Quilter

“‘Oh! Woolner, if one could only fine the ‘supreme’ Carlylean Ignoramus’- John Ruskin, as Recounted in Thomas Woolner; R.A., His Life in Letters”

An Unidentified Correspondent and Missing Lines, Restored

“‘Adieu, dear Bairn’ An Unpublished Letter from Thomas to Jane, 4 July 1841”

“The Collected Letters of Thomas and Jane Welsh Carlyle”

“Thomas Carlyle Resartus”

“Ruskin, Venice, and Nineteenth-Century Cultural Travel”