Volume 25

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Editors Note

The Coterie Speech of Jane Welsh Carlyle

Christopher Harvie’s A Floating Commonwealth A Carlylean Commentary

Thomas Carlyle’s Igdrasil

Appendix- Igdrasil. From the Norse

“Symbolic Mutation”- Thomas Carlyle and the Legacy of Charles Darwin in England

“True to the Life”- Thomas Carlyle’s Reminiscences

Presence and Distance- Samuel Taylor Coleridge and the Meaning of Modernity

“ The Passion ”- Some Personal Reminiscences of Collecting Thomas Carlyle

The Carlyle Collection of Rodger L. Tarr Armstrong Browning Library, Baylor University

The Letters Relating to John Linnell’s Portrait of Thomas Carlyle

Viewing Ford Madox Brown’s Work , 1865

Two Letters from Thomas Carlyle to Beverley Tucker

“I must write”- Vernon Lushington, the Brownings, John Ruskin, and Thomas Carlyle

Letters from John A. Carlyle to Charles Butler

“A Great Moral Tonic”- Lecky on Carlyle and The French Revolution

Carlyle’s Message to His Age.* * A Sunday afternoon Lecture to Working-Men

Lecky’s Introduction to The French Revolution

Florentine Friends

The Collected Letters of Thomas and Jane Welsh Carlyle

An American in Victorian Cambridge


The Cover of Carlyle Studies Annual 25