Volume 23

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Editors’ Note

G. B. Tennyson: A Personal Reminiscence

“The Lore of Heaven, The Speech of Earth”: Carlyle, Mahomet, and Islam

“Une religion plus digne de la Divinité”: A New Source for Carlyle’s Essay on Mahomet

Carlyle and Catholicism, Part I: Hilaire Belloc and The French Revolution

Thomas Carlyle’s MS Notes for “The Diamond Necklace”

“Transcription of Thomas Carlyle’s MS Notes for ‘The Diamond Necklace'”

Rebecca Buffum Spring and the Carlyles

“Blethering Blackie” and Thomas Carlyle

“To Mrs. Carlyle”

Jane Welsh Carlyle’s Last Protégée

Springtime for CarlyleTobacco

“Too Lates”

“Letters for Sale”

Conferences at Philadelphia and Dumfries

The Intellect of a Sick Rabbit

“The Massons”

“Past and Present”

“The Lives of Victorian Literary Figures III”

“John Stuart Blackie: Scottish Scholar and Patriot”

The Carlyle Encyclopedia .

The Collected Letters of Thomas and Jane Welsh Carlyle.

The Brownings’ Correspondence.

Criticism of Thomas Carlyle .

Thomas Carlyle


A Word on the Cover