Volume 22

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Editors’ Note

Remembering the Old Professor: Kenneth Joshua Fielding

Thomas Carlyle: “The Feast of Pikes” Corrected Proof, [18—]

“ Nero c’est moi ”: Jane Welsh Carlyle and Her Little Dog

A Transatlantic Friendship: The Carlyles and Charles Eliot Norton

“A Rain of Balderdash”: Thomas Carlyle and Victorian Attitudes toward the Franco-Prussian War

“A Perfect Man of Business”: The Financier and Broker Charles Butler and Thomas Carlyle’s American Investments

“Je suis la Révolution Française”: Carlyle, Napoleon, and the Napoleonic Mythus

“A Thousand Things to Say”: Unpublished Letters of Thomas Carlyle to Julia Strachey in The British Library

The Ecton Tithe-Book Revisited

Jane Carlyle . Newly Selected Letters .

Collected Letters of Thomas and Jane Welsh Carlyle

Thomas Carlyle: Historical Essays

The Carlyles at Home and Abroad