Contribute to the Consortium

The Victorian Lives and Letters Consortium brings together a wide range of individuals and institutions in a common website with a common ambition. We are currently supported by institutional funding and contributions in kind (see the logos on our homepage for current contributors); by grant income from both the US and UK; and by private donation ‘Contribution in kind’ signifies, for instance, permission to digitize manuscript or visual material.

The Directors of this non-for-profit scholarly resource welcome approaches from institutions or from individuals who are interested in contributing financially to the ongoing development of the VLLC.

Such approaches might include:

a) funding to support the digitization of particular archival material (MSS, images, etc.) of relevance to the VLLC. This support need not cover the costs of digitizing whole archives but significant or relevant portions;

b) funding to support the technical development of the VLLC site, including, for instance, server capacity and the technical enhancement of the site as a whole;

c) the waiving permissions fees.

The Directors are happy to discuss individual or institutional contributions that support the aims of the VLLC and any Director may be contacted individually to initiate discussions (note that the VLLC proceeds on the basis of collective agreement and responsibility between the Directors).

Partner Institutions that contribute financially to the infrastructure or the growth of the MSS archives of the VLCC will be credited (including with their logo) on the VLLC website homepage and on other pages as relevant.